Think 5 Seconds Before Speak, Why Not?
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Think 5 Seconds Before Speak, Why Not?

In conversation, there must be a speaker and a listener. They do have their own part in a good conversation. Even though, one-way conversations can’t be avoided in some cases.

In my opinion, the key of conversation is held by the listener. Notwithstanding the perfect explanation of the speaker, if the listener doesn’t understand the intention of the conversation, communication may not be happening. Look closely at our surroundings! We may often find a strange conversation happening. Some of us may experience this strange conversation once or more. A conversation where people repeat themselves over or finishing with curse words at the end of every sentence. Why they did it, if understanding is the point of conversation. A relationship of understanding can’t be formed, if people get frustrated over each other and keep talking about themselves. They will be unable to find a link between them and eventually have a cut in their conversation. A bit less us think for just 5 seconds or more after the person has finished speaking. Why did that person say that? Wouldn’t there be a more proper conversation happening if people knew the intention of it…? What should I say to reply?

Usually when the thinking process is short, people tend to get easily hurt emotionally, end up saying unnecessary things, so the conversation will flows in a negative direction. What if people just take their time to think at least for 5 seconds? It may be slow and frustrating, but may be everyone would feel enthused after the conversation has ended. May be!

Is there anything else that can produce a good conversation? Of course, there must be a lot.


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